Get hurt ?


    What would you do when you were in big trouble but you can tell anyone? The only one who knew didn’t help you to figure out. You were so scared that you even thought about running far far away and never came back?

    How would you feel when you were in the darkest moment of your life without anyone beside, even your family, your best friends, and the one you loved the most? You could just feel the pain yourself, act like nothing’d gone wrong and burst into tears everytime you were alone.

    People get hurt all the times, but they hide them so well. I don’t tell a story of my life, I just feel hurt, and wanna write something about it.


    Some of my friends ask me why I addict to Gossip Girls, series of films with a lot of dirty things. Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan, Nate, Vanessa, Jenny,… they love each other in turn, they have sex in turn, they’re friends, then enemies, then friends again. They’re good, then bad, then good, then bad again.

    But the ways they react to life, the ways they deal with all troubles, the ways they overcome the pain, give me an exit for life. I learn from them that everything’ll be okey at the end, if it’s not okey, it’s not the end. And it makes my life easier.

    They say people make mistakes all the times; the important thing is that how they fix them. I don’t think there is a chance for anyone to fix their mistakes. Once you did, you never got it back.

    Luckily, the bright side is the pain makes you more mature, and you will not be scared of being hurt anymore. Sometimes you have to thank the one who hurt you for letting you know how strong you are.

    The pain will leave a scar in every cell of your body, and that scar can make you hurt whenever it wants.

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